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wilma eras a.k.a. w.eras :: urban scenes painted by shadows

A selection of photos by Wilma Eras a.k.a. w.eras

Light in the city 4

Light in the city 4 (2011)

Lightscape 9

Lightscape 9 (2011)

Corner 1

Corner 1 (2010)

Concrete beauty 1

Concrete beauty 1 (2011)

Urban reflections 5

Urban reflections 5 (2011)


Squares (2011)


Acrobat (2011)

– Hello, Wilma. Welcome to the gallery. How would you describe this set of images?
– They are all about light. In the first four images I used light to reveal the beauty of concrete surfaces. The windows series shows another aspect of light: the power to connect the interior to the exterior world. As for the last one, I simply loved to see the acrobat.

– As a photographer, what do you find interesting about urban environments and architecture? What usually attracts your visual attention?
– Urban environments offer me the possibility to explore my own sense of space. In doing so, light always triggers me. A Flickr friend once called me a sunflower. I think he is right. I’m fascinated by the way light is able to change the geometry of a certain space, which looks different one minute to the next, offering new geometric shapes all over again.

– Which other photographic styles do you like besides architectural and urban photography?
– I love to make ‘paperstracts’. When I look through my macro lens, a new world opens for me. It’s exciting to discover landscapes or human shapes in a piece of paper.

– What motivates you to be busy with photography, what is your goal as a photographer?
– My photography reflects the way I experience the urban environment around me. I do not have a very good sense of orientation. I tend to see details rather than the complete street map of a city, which can be tricky because time changes most details. Besides that, the more I investigate a certain place, the more I have the feeling to look at what is beyond it. That is also the reality that I want to share.

– Do you have a ‘dream location’, where would you like to take photos?
– I guess I could work everywhere, but it’s always nice to explore new spaces. For instance, I would really like to visit the MAXXI in Rome.

– What is you favourite camera?
– I mostly work with a Nikon D90. Recently I also got a nice compact Lumix camera.

– Did you publish any photo books and where do you expose your works on internet?
– Besides Flickr, I have published some works in Y SIN EMBARGO magazine by Fernando Prats (click here to find links to all issues where I contributed) and in collective photo books Haphazart!2, Shadé and Shadé II. Selections of my photos are presented on Azurebumble’s weblog Aesthetic Investigations in posts Wilma Eras: paperstracts and Wilma Eras: photography. I have recently published the photo book Fragments in collaboration with mengwen29 (Françoise Lucas), to preview click here.

– Thanks, Wilma. Best wishes for your photography and congratulations on the photo book.