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mluisa :: impressions of MAXXI in Rome

Selection of photos from mluisa


Untitled (2010)

MAXXI - Roma


MAXXI-Roma (2010)

a partire dal cemento....


A pertire dal cemento … (2010)

Sbloccata !!!!


Sbloccata !!! (2010)



Assoluto (2010)


MAXXI (2010)

– Hello, Maria Luisa. How would you describe this set of images?
– All these photos are taken on the outside of MAXXI, Museum of Arts of the XXI Century, in Rome. I tried to highlight the fluid shapes of the building designed by Zaha Hadid, the soft plasticity of concrete and its relationship with the surrounding space. In these photos I did not focus on the building as an architecture, but I tried more to catch it almost like a sculpture.

– As a photographer, what do you find interesting about urban environments and architecture?
What attracts your visual attention?

– I am trained as an architect, then it is the concept of space that interests me most of all. I’m interested in its quality and “representabiliy” in the two dimensions allowed by photography. I’m also interested in the relationship between space and people who inhabit it, and the ability to transform it with their presence or absence. I’m fascinated by the ambiguous relationship that exists between “inside” and “outside”.

– Which other photographic styles do you like besides architectural and urban photography?
– I am always interested in visual arts and I’m passionate about photographing the works in museums in relation to their users. Sometimes I tie my research to a surreal representation of space, as an “extension” of my basic themes (space, art, human use, inside and out), made by imagination.

– What motivates you to be busy with photography, what is your goal as a photographer?
– I have always drawn, painted, molded, and now I photograph. Photography is a daily activity for me. I‘d like to learn how to use it and respond more closely to my expressive needs, and try to never exhaust the flow of inspiration it gives me.

– Do you have a ‘dream location’ where you would like to take photos? Which city would you like to visit for a photo session?
– I often find my “dream location” in a corner of my house, or in the European cities I frequently visit … but the city that I would really like to photograph is Detroit. I’m interested in its spectacular and tragic decadence, comparable, for its dramatic intensity, only perhaps to that of Berlin in “Germany Year Zero”, by Roberto Rossellini.

– What is your favorite camera?
– I have always tried and used Nikon’s. My preferred camera is usually the most recent Nikon.

– Did you publish any photo books and where do you expose your works on internet?
– I only expose on Flickr, but some of my photos are on Getty images, in Shadé and Shadé#2 photo books by Brancolina and in the first issue of Doze Magazine.

– Thank you, Maria Luisa and all the best with your photographic work.